If you suffer from pain or tenderness in your jaw, have difficulty opening your mouth all the way, or experience constant headaches, you may have temporomandibular joint syndrome, known as TMJ. If so, you should seek an evaluation with Dr. Karen Parvin, a dentist in Chesapeake, VA, who specializes in providing treatment and therapy for this uncomfortable syndrome.

Causes and Symptoms of TMJ

This common condition, which is estimated to affect over 10 million Americans, has multiple causes. They vary from patient to patient, but often include a habit called bruxism, which is better known as the grinding of teeth at night. Other causes include arthritis, anti-depressant medications, injury to the jaw, or smoking. Classic symptoms of TMJ include:

·         Headaches

·         Pain or discomfort in the jaw region or upper shoulder

·         Clicking or locking of the jaw

·         Toothaches

·         Ringing in the ears, or earaches

·         Limited range of motion in the jaw area

Any of the above issues may prevent you from speaking or eating in a normal manner. Luckily, there are a variety of options available to resolve these symptoms.

Treatment of TMJ

The method used to treat your TMJ depends upon your individual situation and is pinpointed to target your specific symptoms. Sometimes, concurrent remedies may be needed to provide relief.

One basic treatment that works for many people involves simple jaw relaxation exercises. Occlusal, or bite, adjustment is a solution for others. Certain cases may require cortisone shots. Some find that a physical solution works best for them, such the wearing of a night guard while they sleep, or a splint to relieve muscle tension.

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